Customer Satisfaction  Survey

If you or a family member has once received medical services at St Luke’s Orthopedics and Trauma Hospital, we would appreciate feedback regarding the care you experienced. Feedback from our client will help us learn how we are meeting your expectations and what we can do to better meet the needs of our patient community.

Please answer the following questions and hit the submit button when you have completed the survey. If you would like to receive a reply, please include contact information.

Who received services at St Luke’s Orthopaedic and Trauma Hospital:
How long did you take to while receiving treatment?
If you took longer than 4 hrs., were you informed and explained to, on why it would take such time by each services ?
Which services did you receive from our facility (tick)
In which service procedural unit did you take most of the time?
If you had important questions regarding your condition or treatment, were you able to find someone to answer your questions appropriately?
Were the answers that staff provided to your questions presented in a way that you could understand?
How would you rate the professional skills of our staff in meeting or exceeding your expectations?
How would you rate the availability of St Luke’s Orthopedics and Trauma Hospital staff?

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